Alley Burger
Eat On The Streets 2011
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    About Alley Burger

    Downtown's popular and multiple-award winning new restaurant CHARCUT Roast House chefs made their way from the sleek contemporary kitchen galley to the dimly lit back alley last year, sparking a social media phenomenon that drew diners by the hundreds downtown in the dead of winter to lay their hands on a $5 gourmet burger. From this foodie craze, the mobile Alley Burger idea took hold and a food truck was acquired and overhauled with a sparkly new stainless steel kitchen, air conditioner and stylish paint job by a renowned local street artist. The menu delivers inventive regional cuisine with substance to die-hard CHARCUT fans and the uninitiated looking for delicious value. News of locations and times for the Alley Burger year-round offerings will appear online on Twitter @alleyburger or on Facebook.